Unlock the Potential of Digital Supply Chain

In the aftermath of the pandemic, organizations have encountered serious supply chain challenges and are unable to meet consumer demands in a timely manner. Furthermore, a lack of real-time visibility into product availability has compelled significant clients to turn elsewhere, resulting in a loss of revenue and goodwill.

The need for a supply chain transformation is now helping businesses build a resilient supply chain for the future. Here’s a conversational approach around all the aspects of a supply chain transformation, why, when, and how. 

In this conversational PoV, you’ll learn:

  • The pressing need for supply chain transformation to unlock growth and value realization 
  • Foundational and strategic elements of digital supply chain transformation 
  • A unique approach to supply chain transformation and real-world use cases  
    (Plan, Source, Make and Deliver) 
  • Building the supply chain of the future with AI/ML