Industrialize & Accelerate MLOps with Tredence's ML Works Platform

ML Works is an enterprise-grade machine learning monitoring platform with automated workflows, pre-built solutions to track model degradation, manage code workflow, and fast track model management.


Meet ML Works – Tredence’s Industrialized Machine Learning Operations Platform.

ML Works equips enterprises to revive the core of their machine learning ecosystem. Armed with experiences from managing several AI customer engagements, Tredence has built ML Works. It can scale 100s of 1000s of machine learning models, reduce outages in the ML pipeline, and simplifies model monitoring.

ML Works promotes autonomous management of ML models. The platform helps organizations ensure their models in production are current, contextual and provides deeper visibility to data scientists for faster value realization. Tredence aims to make ML adoption simple, pragmatic, and accessible through ML Works.

Now accelerate your machine learning lifecycle with ML Works.

Key Features

Get end-to-end visibility in your ML Pipelines with minimal manual effort using ML Works.

Intuitive MLOps Graph

Immersive visual workflow graph that provides end-to-end model visibility and pipeline traceability.

Active Drift Detection

Analysis of data and model drift with automated alerts, enabling continuous monitoring of production models for accuracy and relevance.

Persona Based Insights

Metrics customized for individual user persona to provide the most relevant information for each function.

Explainable AI

Human-friendly explainable AI to equip non-technical users with a simplified explanation of model predictions.

Tredence's ML Works Use Cases


Savings on Trade Promotions Spending

A retail firm restructured its trade spending for market diversification with better control on model’s efficacy & data drifts.

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Reduction in Customer Churn

Using explainable AI, a telecom client built & carried out targeted campaigns to curb customer churns.

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Significant Drop in Production Downtime

Leveraging the visual provenance graph, a CPG firm accelerated fault detection and root cause analysis.

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Transparent Insurance Screening Process

A leading insurance company improved its applicants’ screening process, flagged risks, and mitigate biases.

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Meet the Team

Pavan Nanjundaiah

Head of Product Engineering

Sunil Ranganathan

Product Head

Jai Vardhan Rao

Product Owner