The world's largest conference on Data & AI is coming your way. Register and discover how Tredence AI solutions built on Databricks Lakehouse Platform help enterprises accelerate value realization.

Tredence, a premier Databricks Brickbuilder and Lakehouse for Retail Launch Partner will be at the summit to provide a deep dive into our AI Solutions. We have several ideas about how combining the advanced capabilities of Databricks’ Lakehouse & Delta Sharing technology with Tredence’s focus on last-mile adoption of AI can help enterprises accelerate their data & analytics modernization journey. 

We will be at Data + AI Summit 2022, organized by Databricks, from June 27-30. Explore how AI can help achieve last-mile analytics adoption, real-life examples of scaling data analytics initiatives with AI, and prescriptive insights that can optimize and streamline your operations from our industry experts.

Join our team for demos of Tredence Data + AI solutions built on Databricks Lakehouse Platform.  

Breakout Sessions:
  • Setting up On-shelf Availability alerts at scale with Databricks and Azure
  • Smart Manufacturing: Real-time process optimization with Databricks
On-demand solutions demos through the Data + AI Summit:
  • Digital Twin
  • Sancus
  • Machine Learning at the Edge AI
  • Supply Chain Control Tower solution

We are excited to meet you in person or virtually at the DATA + AI Summit 2022.  

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